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  • How long does a replica take to make?
    Around 1~2 weeks is required to build a Ray Gun, maybe 3 for the Wunderwaffe DG-2. However, some projects take anywhere from 1~12 months to develop a properly functioning product. This includes: 3D Modeling Testing 3D printed prototypes Writing the code Research Gathering Materials Soldering electronics Lots of learning from trial and error.
  • What material are your products made out of?
    Our products are primarily made from PLA, an eco-friendly 3D printer filament. PLA stands for polylactic acid and is bio degradable. PLA is an organic thermoplastic monomer that is manufactured from the extraction of corn starch or sugar cane! Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, or TPU, is also used in our flexible products! We also use SLA resin printing for some of our clear products to achieve that glass look!
  • What is the difference between PLA and TPU?
    PLA is a sturdy hard plastic, where TPU is a more rubbery plastic. Products in PLA will be ridged and break if bent too far, where TPU will be more squishy and bend a bit.
  • Why did my product show up in multiple pieces?
    Shipping can be a rough journey for packages. Many products are too delicate to ship in one piece and we want to ensure that our customers enjoy unbroken products. We will always ensure pieces are easy to glue together or include support rods where necessary.
  • How do you justify your prices?
    Many of our more complicated products take months to even a few years of specialized development to create and make available to our supporters. Our prices reflect the amount of time it takes to develop the design and create the product while still trying to offer a fair price. Commission prices are determined by expected modeling time, print time, and material cost.
  • Are there discounts for ordering a product in bulk?
    Absolutely! Please reach out through the contact form to inquire about bulk orders.

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