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Zap away the hoards of the undead with the most accurately detailed Ray Gun replica on the market!


Upgraded Version: (Base Price $800)

Polygon Printing has worked countless years to offer the worlds most accurately detailed Ray Gun Replica. This replica is the only prop available on the market with a realistic reticle that lights up the iconic cross hair with RGB LED's. At the pull of the trigger, this Blast-O-Matic accurately emulates the lights, sounds, needle movement, and heatsink whirl until the ammo capacity of 20 shots has been beamed away! Simply crack open the barrel and release the Cold Cells to load her up again with fully functioning battery insert detection just like in the game! Not enough shots? Rotate the RGB configuration knob to switch to PaP mode for an additional 20 shots! (Does not actually shoot anything). Order with the LED charging stand for an eye catching display to mount and charge your prop while not in use.


Basic Version: (Base Price $300)

Enjoy a static version of this Ray Gun replica at a reduced price. Does NOT include lights, mechanical movements, or sounds.


Please note that we will require a minimum of 10 days to fully build, assmeble, and ship out this product.

Blast-O-Matic MKI

Barrel Color
    • This prop is constructed with parts 3D printed out of eco-friendly PLA (It’s made from corn!) All products are locally handcrafted in Arizona.

    • This prop is powered by Element 115.
      (Just kidding it's a 3.7V 1500mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery)
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